Sunday, July 13, 2014

Holy wow..

I apologize for no updates. This last month has been a roller coaster. Our newest addition, kitten Bean, has been sucking every penny out of me. Not that it is his fault. This kitten passed on a rare mite to Tony and I and I didn't know until it was too late and I was infected. Several doctor and vet visits later I am broke. After all the medications, treatments, and having to sanitize the entire house.. I am... Completely broke. Like, had to cancel all of my subscriptions or not buy groceries broke. Essentially at this point this blog has no point because I can't subscribe to jack right now. It's been upsetting, not losing the subs, just losing so much money because someone out there is giving sick animals to people. I haven't made as much money because of my career change to begin with and this has stung. I am finally feeling better and my sores are healing. It has been insane knowing that there were bugs laying eggs inside of me. I mean, really, picture that. It is everything my nightmares are made of. That feeling that your skin is crawling never stops. It is a feeling beyond disgust. Hopefully as things calm down, I can rework this blog into something productive. I will try at least!

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