Tuesday, June 17, 2014


You'll have to excuse this hopefully short lack of posts. I have been busy. My new little guy, whom I've affectionatly named Bean (as in jumping bean) is finally turning the corner with his infections. But it has been like caring for an infant, even to the point of wiping his bum and also needing to constantly eat (because of his worms). The worms give him the runs and he's so tiny it gets stuck in his fur. Then he cries. Oi vey. It's been an ordeal. Now that his infections are clearing, I can get his worms taken care of. I've been warned this starts getting gross at that point. As if it wasn't already!

Anyway, Bean has become the most loving and crazy little guy I've ever seen. But he also does not let me sleep and has figured out how to get out of his cage at night. He enjoys dive bombing my face and also laying across my head. He does not let me blog because he runs across the key board constantly and needs 100% of my attention. I can't blame him, I am at work 10 hrs a day, that includes my commute. But then I get home, do my chores, try to cook, take care of my other little kitty, and take 10 minutes to myself to shower.

My sub boxes are stacking up and I haven't really looked at them. I got the stinky mascara from Ipsy, the lovely Birch Box Mermaid box that I LOVE, my awesome Popsugar that has remained untouched, a pile of Wantable Intimates (10 pairs of socks in this one!), and tons of Honest Co products that I needed.

Once Bean's better I'm confident I can get my life back. For now, I will remain a sleepy mess. 

He enjoys watching TV.. hmm.

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