Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

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*It finally feels like summer and I could not be any happier. My garden is growing larger every day and the sun is staying out longer every night. I have so much more energy in summer. Could it please be summer year round?

*Speaking of my garden, my herbs are enormous already! I have chives, cilantro, dill, thyme, parsley, and tons of basil.  It is getting me in the cooking spirit. Last night I made a shrimp scampi with fresh parsley and white wine. The link for the recipe is here: Tyler Florence's Shrimp Scampi w/ Linguini.

*Tonight I am going to make chipotle chicken tacos w/ tons of fresh cilantro and some cilantro lime rice. And then for the weekend I am going to make some potato salad with fresh dill & chives, and some roasted potatos w/ thyme. You should come over for dinner. Tony is one lucky guy.

*So someone told Tony that you can buy ribeye steaks at the dollar store. Seriously? Has anyone? Cause that to me.. sounds terrifying. But Tony said he tried one and it was good! But who the heck sells steak at a dollar? Beef is so expensive right now! We are saving some money for a half cow to save some money.

*So I began my own facebook group called Paxton Cove Scams Customers. I would totally appreciate if you joined and shared your stories with me. As of right now my April 15th order is still "processing" and I still have not received one response to my many e-mails. I could not report them to the Better Business Bureau because there is no phone # or valid address. This company is a legitimate scam at this point. Please warn people.

*I have been really frustrated lately is my subscription boxes. From the customer service to the contents. Everything really.. and I am wondering if I am just over them. Was it a phase? I mean, I dedicated a blog to them so how could I be over them? I will always love my Popsugar, that is going nowhere and I will scoop up any LE box they bring. But the rest? I have to re evaluate. I canceled Glossybox, Blush Mystery Beauty Box, and all my food boxes. I have been really happy with Wantable Intimates, but my Wantable accessories was horrible. I changed my Stitchfix settings to "the cheaper the better" just to see what would happen.. and they really didn't seem to read my profile at all. Just threw some cheap clothes in a box and sent it to me. It was horrible. I didn't take pics, just sent it back with a complaint, and my $ settings are going back to where they were. I have way too many skin care products and make up products. Is it time to cancel Ipsy also? They have this month to wow me or they are gone also. I'm really considering the Tyler Florence Fancy box. I really want beautiful, useable home goods.

*I am beyond obsessed with and I have placed 2 orders this week alone. Yesterday for 7 infinity scarves (Only set me back $16.00) and today for a ton of Washi.

*What shows are you watching this summer? I am excited for the new Pretty Little Liars to start! Also loving Catfish, Awkward, So You Think You Can Dance, The Soup, Hell's Kitchen.. omg I watch a lot of TV. My DVD is constantly stretched to it's capacity.

*I finally watched The Heat. Ahh it was amazing. I laughed so much through the entire film. I just love Melissa McCarthy.. she's prob my favorite person ever. I think she is so funny and adorable. And how do you keep a straight face with some of those lines? lol

*I think my work computer has enough of me blogging, it won't let me upload any more pics. This thing is ancient!

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