Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beauty Army

Have you ever heard of Beauty Army? Beauty Army is another subscription box in my arsenal. And I am here today to warn you about this subscription. It is $12.00 a month and I signed up when they were fairly new. My first box was phenomenal and was packed full of great products. I immediately jumped on the 1 year option to receive one box free. I have no idea how long I have left on this year because I end up skipping every month. Yes, you did read right, you can skip. And that is the only saving grace to this train wreck of a service. 

Beauty Army promotes it's ability to customize your box to your preferences but I can attest to the fact that no matter what you do and how many times you change your profile, you will only get 1 or 2 minor changes in product. 

Here is a look at my profile. You can update your skin tone, hair color, scent preference, and also what you are interested in receiving. It only makes a difference in what foils you get.

Yup.. Foil packets. $12.00 in foil packets. Foil packets that I can and have gotten for free. Literally, almost every single one of these I have already received from a sample site at no charge. You have the lovely option of picking 6 out of 9 offered.

So those are my choices. For $12.00. It is a joke. Really. It has to be a joke. How can a company think that this is okay? And it's not that I am ranting for no reason.. this is not the first time I have been offered all foils. This happens 90% of the time with this company. 

Please do yourself a favor. Save your $12.00 and visit Walmart and Target's online sample center because you will not pay a dime for these same products.

/end rant.

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