Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Gift Shoppe

I love supporting local businesses. I will go out of my way to make sure that I purchase local at any chance I have. This sometimes means paying more, but there is a joy of stepping into a tiny shop and being able to scour the shelves for treasures. You don't get that online. 

My favorite shop is called The Gift Shoppe. It smells nice and is beautifully decorated. They offer a customer rewards program and often give small gifts as thanks for shopping locally. 

It helps that they have an entire wall of candles. Oh lord I could stand there sniffing all day and be perfectly fine with it. I picked up these Blissful Sunrise votives on my last trip and also this handmade coffee scented wax warmer refill called Perfect Morning. If you ever see Legacy candles at a shop near you, check them out. The scents are amazing.

These magnets were on a table outside for their annual sidewalk sale. They were about $2.00 each so I think that's a score. They are so pretty and larger than they look.

Dean Crouser is a watercolor artist from Oregon that takes his inspiration from nature. Click here to see his work.  I have so many of his pieces and my collection keeps growing. My living room walls are a collage of his paintings. 

Aren't they stunning? The bring a light and life into my home.

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