Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My 11th Fix

Earlier this month I received my 11th Stitch Fix fix. I couldn't believe I was on number 11. I really love the entire Stitch Fix concept and have enjoyed even the fixes that weren't so much for me.

A quick run down.. Once a month Stitch Fix will send you 5 items ranging from clothing to jewelry, scarves, and bags. You can request items, provide feedback on what you'd like, create a pinterest board on items you love, etc. Basically it is a very customizable service that revolves around a stylist picking items that reflect your style. You pick what you like, send back what you don't, and get a discount if you keep it all. Easy Peasy. 

They include a detailed receipt to make choosing your items easier and also a sheet on outfit ideas for each item.

Here's an overview of my items. You'll notice a pair of white jeans hanging out in there. I didn't take a picture of them because they were bad. And cost $128.00! Blasphemy. They had two rips in the knees which didn't even look intentional, they looked like I had one too many drinks and took a spill.

Below is Fun2Fun's Colibri Heart Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse- $44.00. I really liked this shirt a ton but it pulled in tight around my middle and made me look a bit pregnant. Returned.

This is 41Hawthorn's Rowson Colorblock Striped Sweater- $58.00. This looks all stretched and huge on the hanger but it's quite pretty in person. Very soft and high quality with the loveliest shade of light teal. Kept this one.

Paired together is Pomelo's Corinna Striped Heathered Dolman Top- $48.00. Also, 41Hawthorn's Delta Lightweight Geo Print Infinity Scarf- $32.00. This dolman top was pretty but hung in a way I didn't feel flattered me. I also felt it too closely resembled the sweater above. I loved the infinity scarf but I'm not sure that I'm okay spending $32.00 on a scarf unless I see myself wearing it a ton. This is pretty but doesn't match enough of my closet to justify keeping. Returned both items.

So the grand total was $310.00 and if I had kept all items it would have been $217.50. That is a huge discount, and one I have taken advantage of before.  For June I set my price limit to "The Cheaper The Better." I'm strapped for cash so.. hopefully I hate everything. ;) 

Interested in trying Stitch Fix ? Please click any of the links in the post to use my referral link.

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