Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Paxton Cove

Paxton Cove is a daily deal website that features hand made items, craft supplies, and home goods. Generally they feature a half dozen deals a day at really great prices. 

But I have a bone to pick with Paxton.

Paxton Cove is known for their Washi grab bags. For $12.74 I was promised 10 rolls of Washi. You can see the order snip above. You might also notice the date of April 15th when I ordered. And then notice that 1 month later my order is still "processing".

I have e-mailed customer service numerous times and received no response.

I posted on Facebook and received no response.

I then posted comments on every single one of their posts asking what it takes to get a response. They promptly deleted those and blocked me.

For all the time they take to delete peoples comments, they could have easily answered my e-mail.

This company is a joke. I know I am not the only person who has had problems with this site. There were other comments from people on the page that were also deleted immediately.

I strongly suggest never to order from Paxton Cove. Truly, no customer service means bad customer service. And I am allowed to say that considering that customer service is my profession.

Do yourself a favor and visit Pick Your Plum instead. I have never had a bad experience. Their products are wonderful and affordable.  I order from them more often than I should.

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