Sunday, May 11, 2014

May Flowers

Although I plan on mainly writing about my subscriptions, I also will be writing some posts about my life. Just nothing too dramatic or overly personal. 

For now, just a few snap shots of my plants. This is our first entire summer in our home. We moved here in late June last year and were not able to plant anything so late. I was so excited to get into it this year.

Tons of herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and shade plants that look like dinosaurs.

 I also thought I would share these pictures because I just got my new camera! It's an Olympus Pen and it's amazing!  My lovely parents got it for me. I had been scrounging by for a few months with a tiny Nikon but it finally gave out on me. Then I spent quite a long time looking for the right camera for me. There are so many choices it is overwhelming! But I think this one is perfect.

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